Five trends that will transform the way pension schemes communicate

Pensions Aspects is the Pensions Management Institute monthly magazine that provides technical advice from professionals working in pensions, as well as expert insight from a wide variety of specialists in the industry to over 6,500 members in 32 countries. This month, it was our Creative Director, Ryan Sales, that provided some keen advice to pensions schemes and the top five trends to transform their member communications. This is a copy of the article that featured in September’s issue:

Pensions communications have never been as important as they are now. The decline of final salary schemes and low auto-enrolment contribution rates has created a huge cohort of people who may not have enough money to retire. The pressure is now on to get people saving, against a backdrop of stagnant wages and increases in the cost of living. And that’s without even mentioning the thorny issue of how to help people navigate the baffling at-retirement landscape.

To put it bluntly, the pensions industry has an enormous challenge ahead. Fortunately, there is some good news. Whilst the challenge may be immense, the evolution of communications through new technologies, behavioural economics and financial wellness means it can be overcome. Here are five trends that will transform the way you communicate with members.

1 – Segmentation and personalisation

Segmentation has been around for a while now, but the pensions industry lags when it comes to using it to better engage members.

In a nutshell, segmentation is when you divide your audience up to deliver key messages that resonate with a specific set of people.

At its most basic, this could mean dividing members up by age, or how far they are from retirement. That way, you can deliver different messages to someone just starting their career than you would to someone nearing retirement.

However, other data can allow you to target people more specifically. For instance, you could use contributions data to target those people still saving the minimum, or get HR to deliver specific pensions messages for women about to go on maternity leave.

2 – Multi-channel approachesruleof7

Far too often we hear about pensions communications being delivered primarily through snail mail. Letters have their place and shouldn’t be abandoned entirely, but for a lot of people they just end up in the dustbin.

Back in the day, movie moguls used to have a ‘law of seven’, which posited a potential punter would have to see a poster seven times before they’d go to the cinema.

A similar approach works well for pensions communications.

3 – Gamification and animation

Sometime pensions professionals can be wary
of things like animation and gamification, viewing them
as far too frivolous for the serious business that is pensions. But to most of your audience, the way we discuss pensions is utterly baffling. The jargon is impenetrable and the issues are complex. So many people think visually, and animations can make complex concepts simple and easy to understand. Gamification is another great way for pension schemes to help members overcome the savings paralysis.

You could consider adding game-like elements to otherwise tedious tasks to encourage participation, or allowing savers to learn about saving through fun game-like processes. Understanding how employees engage with online tools and getting feedback from members about what they like and don’t like will become an integral part of the process of making sure people have a positive savings journey.


4 – Behavioural psychology

One of the problems with getting people to save for retirement is that there are several behavioural biases getting in the way.

For instance, behavioural psychology shows that it is very hard for people to save for the longterm, because they find it very difficult choosing gratification in the future over gratification now.

Similarly, we really struggle
to compare two things that
are not alike. So it’s very easy for me to choose between buying a coffee and buying a magazine, but really hard for me to equate giving up a coffee every week, with putting those savings towards a comfortable retirement. The lessons
learned in this emerging field can help us find new ways to communicate with people. For instance, illustrating retirement with pictures of grey-haired smiling people simply won’t resonate with Generation Y or Z.

Tricks such as nudging (as demonstrated by auto- enrolment), offer an obvious solution to driving up contributions, whilst better marketing techniques, such as showing how an employee is doing compared to their peers, can all make pensions savings more real and more relevant.



5 – Financial wellbeing

Once a relatively uncommon term, financial wellbeing 
has grown in importance as companies look to help their employees better manage their money. And it’s a concept the pensions industry would do well to take on board. After all, it’s all well and good telling someone they should save more, but if they’re struggling to pay the rent you’re just going to seem out of touch and unrealistic.

HR can play a role here. For instance, imagine if you could add up how much someone has saved through other voluntary benefits and offer to put that into their pension?

The retail world has made great strides in this area. There are easy to use apps that allow
you to round up your day-to- day spending (on coffees for instance), and put the change into a stocks and shares ISA. Initiatives like this which make it easy to save without even noticing, overcome lots of the behavioural barriers faced by pensions. At Landscape, we put much of this into action when we helped the Bank of England with their pension communication strategy.


Landscape launch the first of eight animations to support financial wellbeing in the workplace

Landscape have produced eight rules for looking after money as a series of short and shareable animations. ‘Money Zingers’ offer simple advice to help employees understand the basics of finance.

They will be gradually launched over the coming weeks but here’s a sneak peak of the first ‘Get a saving habit’.

Money is the main form of stress in the workplace. It’s a significant challenge for organisations yet 59% are not doing anything to tackle financial wellbeing1. We know happy employees create happier workplaces which in turn has positive effects on business growth.

Money Zingers is inspired by US Social Scientist Harold Pollack’s claim that all you need to know about money can fit on an index card.  Unfortunately many people still grow up in an environment where they aren’t taught about the value of money. How many employees actually understand their payslip? What their tax code means? Or how their bonus or pension is calculated?

As experts in financial education, Landscape reinterpreted Pollack’s tips and have used a contemporary style and language to attract a new generation of employees desperate for support. The opportunity is for communicators to empower employees, build confidence and put their welfare at the heart of the business strategy.

Keep an eye out for the other animations in the series. And please drop us a line with any feedback!

1.  (Source: Reward – Wellbeing in the Workplace 2018)

Contact Centre Campaign for Equatex

We’re proud to have just completed a campaign for Equatex who are experts in managing compensation plans for global businesses. It helps businesses recruit, engage and retain people by managing successful incentive schemes.

We helped Equatex with the launch of the new and improved contact centre, positioning it as a core service offering and a major engagement channel for the business. It fields more than 20,000 calls from clients’ employees every month and over the last year, they have invested significantly in new state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure for the contact centre. They now provide the best customer support available for their sector.

We helped them create a multi-channel campaign strategy with a new proposition, key messaging and campaign assets that has been implemented across much of Equatex’s new marketing collateral. Their brand is very illustrative and that feeds into one of our loves – a great partnership!

Support us supporting Action for Children

There are some 83,000 young people who are homeless in the UK every year through no fault of their own. Family breakdown, mental health issues and abuse in the home are just a few of the causes which lead to many young people becoming homeless.

Action for Children is one of the UK’s leading children’s charities and have been supporting disadvantaged children for almost 150 years. Byte Night is one of its major events where people sleep rough for one night to raise awareness of the challenges young people face, and raise vital funds. One in four homeless young people (27%) have been diagnosed with mental health problems.

This year it’s being held on October 5th and Johnathon and Ryan will be sleeping on the streets of London. This cause means a lot to us so please support by making a donation on our JustGiving page. It’s really appreciated, but will mean so much more to those who do not have the luxury of a roof over their head. Just £5 would make a huge difference.

Employer branding for unique creatures

The Bank of England is the UK’s central bank. Its mission is to promote the good of the people by maintaining monetary and financial stability. It employs over 4,000 people across multiple sites throughout the UK.

Human behaviour values short-term gratification over better long-term value and this is shown by our attitude to saving for life after work. The UK is approaching a crisis of an ageing population who can’t afford to stop working, stifling the employment opportunities of younger generations. The onus is therefore on organisations to inform, inspire and engage employees with the importance of lifetime saving.

Compared to the UK private sector, the Bank of England have a good pension arrangement for their employees but a survey revealed it wasn’t appreciated or understood as highly as some other benefits. Communications weren’t leading to decision making – only 27% of employees felt informed about how to make their annual pension choices. To show commitment to their financial wellbeing, the Bank wanted everyone to understand and value their complete benefits package, and particularly their pension.

We proposed a new reward brand that fits within the existing corporate brand to help differentiate and elevate pension communications. We rationalised the naming of the products and recommended a framework for a range of communication outputs, including four short animations. These help to explain the basics of pensions and how the Bank’s scheme works.

The first two animations were launched in the benefits window and were immediately labelled a success. The launch received over 1,200 ‘likes’, 3,800 page visits during the benefits window and nearly 80% of employees clicking on one of the videos.

All four of the animations can be seen at the below links:

1. Back to Pensions Basics

2. How a Career Average Revalued Earnings Pension Works

3. How to Dial Up and Dial Down your Pension Contributions

4. The Importance of Saving for Life After Work

Financial wellbeing for HSBC employees

Today’s employees are increasingly looking to employers for more than just a job. Employers can help improve their employees’ financial wellbeing by providing them with the knowledge to make informed decisions about budgeting, saving and managing money effectively.

As a financial services organisation, HSBC believed this was integral to the ‘duty of care’ to it’s employees, and so developed a platform with Willis Towers Watson that aimed to inspire and educate employees. Landscape were asked to create three key digital tools that were wrapped up within a long-term ‘Know You’ communications campaign.

‘Know Your Priorities’ helps employees learn about the different types of financial protection available for employees and their family. ‘Know Your Goals’ is a simple tool designed to help them know themselves a bit better and learn more about a range of investment products (and their associated risks). ‘Know Your Options’ is a simple saving vs borrowing calculator that helps employees decide which approach is best.

Landscape at Employee Benefits Live 2017

At Landscape, we love making the complex simple for your employees. That is what we did at stand 520 at Olympia London on 10 and 11 October.

We hope you enjoyed our ‘Keep Talking’ challenge! We at Landscape had lots of fun meeting you and having the chance to play a spot of table tennis at the same time.




Multi-coloured balls were pelting around the room with a few of you even coming back for a rematch. At times it got more competitive than it probably should have! Doug from The British Heart Foundation had a rally of 45 with all 5 blocks – that’s not to mention games against The Stig and at one point, an astronaut!



But we weren’t only there for ping-ping. We were also there to help you find out how to:

  • increase motivation
  • attract and retain talent
  • drive behaviours, and
  • improve performance

With all of the commotion and chatting we didn’t get much of a chance to show you some of our campaigns or digital tools – so whether you want to engage your employees in a new strategy, get them excited about reward and benefits or create an emotional connection with your employer brand have a look at our website and drop us a line at so we can send you all the information that you need.

Whether it’s an immediate tactical need, or a more strategic discussion for the long-term, we are sure we could bring something new to the table.


Landscape. Making the complex simple for your employees.

The Good Communications Guide

In partnership with Pension Quality Mark we’ve developed The Good Communications Guide which includes insights, tips and tools to improve pension communications and engagement. Contributors include Baroness Ros Altmann, former Minister for Pensions Sir Steve Webb, former Shadow Minister of Pensions Gregg McClymont, former NAPF Chairman Ruston Smith and pensions lawyer Helen Ball.

The guide covers important topics such as:

  • Running a Great Campaign
  • Strategy and Objectives
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Pension Branding and Creativity
  • Language, Tone of Voice and Behavioural Economics
  • Communication Planning and Channels
  • Going Digital and Social
  • Measurement and Feedback
  • Budgeting

If you are a pension provider, HR professional, pension manager, consultant, finance professional, trustee or working in the pensions, financial services or financial wellbeing industries, this will be a valuable resource to help tackle the communications challenges you face.

We would love to hear your feedback about the website, please drop us a line!

Fighting for a life unlimited with Cystic Fibrosis Trust

During a packed week of activity, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust focus on engaging and activating their community of supporters, culminating in ‘Wear Yellow Day’ which is a key event in their fundraising calendar.

Landscape were approached to create the campaign for ‘CF Week’, from the initial promotion through to the events and then further activity during the summer months. We created a series of mascots that united all the marketing, applying them to a range of collateral including a fundraising pack, direct mail action pack, an interactive timeline, web and media banners. We also produced a widget whereby supporters could add yellow accessories to their uploaded photographs if they didn’t have anything yellow to wear.

The campaign was highly successful – predicted Wear Yellow income has more than doubled with a combined reach of over 300,000 across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Individual donations increased by over 20%.

‘Act like an Owner’ with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola encourages their employees to ‘Act like an Owner’ and a key part of this is to understand how everyone’s actions contribute to the company’s growth. We were asked by Willis Towers Watson to create an app that drives the four key business metrics.

The learning map is an interactive scrolling journey that breaks down the actions and behaviours each employee needs to know. Employees are segmented based on job function and seniority, which then changes the content they would experience within the map. It explains terms and definitions, and helps employees understand what they can do in their role to support company growth.

Over 3300 users completed the experience, with 24% indicating an increase in their knowledge of a complex series of performance measures and targets.

Storytelling for Internal Communications

Did you see us at the Internal Communication Event on 20 June? If you were there – it was fantastic to see you and thank you for coming. Whether you were there or not, here’s a reminder of our story, or if you missed us, you can click here for more information.

The event was a great way to learn more about engaging employees, boosting the impact of Internal Communications strategies and find out more about the latest tools and how to support leaders.

Our presentation, one of the 33 during the day, was about story-telling which is one of the techniques we like to use to help our clients engage their employees.

Our passion is to create award-winning internal communications to help organisations get their message across, in the simplest way they can. Story-telling is a compelling way to communicate your message, whether it’s about financial education, business strategy or change. The real key is to make the audience the hero, addressing their needs and issues first.

We’ve used storytelling in projects for everybody from Cystic Fibrosis Trust to Barclays, and it’s a proven mechanism to help us focus on messaging, pace and structure.

If knowing where to start is holding you back we can help you every step of the way.

You can download the presentation from this following link:

Summer in the Studio

Footloose and fan-free – Summer in the Landscape Studio is proving to be a scorcher, with great creative hot off the press and hot creatives looking “great” in shorts, vests, and lobster-like complexions.

Our current lack of air-con has proven a great tool in getting some of the team out of their seats and onto the streets! In late May, our Client Services Director, Johnathon, “rewarded” himself with a trip to Barcelona for the Rewards & Benefits Summit and on the 20th June, not only did we exhibit at the Internal Communications Conference in Mayfair, but our Creative Director, Ryan, presented on the importance of storytelling in employee communications. (You can see it for yourself here!)

Those in the team who haven’t been enjoying the jetsetting lifestyle and sunning themselves in Spain, have instead been enjoying working on some great, and meaningful, campaigns and projects.

Earlier in the year, we were honoured to be chosen as the agency partner of The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, for which we helped them devise a campaign around a Summer of Fundraising and Wearing Yellow (their brand colour), to help drive donations and engagement with their many supporters. It’s a great cause that’s worthy of support, and has made many strides forward in recent years (as you can see here, in the Interactive Timeline we designed for them.)

Moving away from yellow and into the green of cold, hard cash, our minds and hearts have still been focussed on pensions, savings and how we can improve financial education across the country. Our partnership with Pension Quality Mark has involved lots of out-the-box thinking and the odd bit of whacky illustration, but the really revolutionary stuff is still to come. Watch this space!

The siren song of The Miller is calling though, so it’s adios for now, and we hope to see you soon, fellow sunseekers!


Promoting Cystic Fibrosis Week

At Landscape, we believe every voice matters; we listen and learn, challenge and encourage, making a positive impact on the lives of people who read or engage in the communications we create.

That’s why we jumped at the chance to work with Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Once we heard their stories and understood more about their fight for ‘a life unlimited’, we wanted to help.

CF is a genetic condition affecting more than 10,000 people in the UK. The gene affected by CF controls the movement of salt and water in and out of cells. People with cystic fibrosis experience a build-up of thick, sticky mucus in the lungs, digestive system and other organs, causing a wide range of challenging symptoms affecting the entire body. The condition makes it difficult for people to breathe and causes susceptibility to infections.

June is an important month for CF trust. It’s the launch of their summer of fundraising for their community of supporters. So how did we help? Creativity is at our core and supporting CF with their campaign meant we could work on developing a series of characters to bring this year’s efforts to life in a straightforward and fun way.

We created a series of mascots that could then be used across all the collateral, including:

– A new downloadable fundraising pack – to help supporters get raising money quickly and easily

– A direct mail call to action pack – covering everything needed to run a fundraising event

– An interactive timeline to tell the CF story and raise awareness of the great work already done and the future challenges and priorities

– 101 Fundraising Ideas – a fun list of fundraising possibilities

– Posters and website banners

– Logos and doodles

We also got social ourselves – did you see our #yelfie pictures on Twitter and Instagram? Or maybe you downloaded the Facebook photo editor widget?

Like you, we want to achieve the best for everyone. If you want to help CF too, take a look at their website at

We’re telling stories at the Internal Communication event on 20 June

Are you going to the Internal Communication event on 20 June?

Hopefully, you’ll come and see us there.

Story-telling is one of the eight techniques we use to maximise engagement which is why we’re there talking about it.  We love making the complex simple and changing behaviours are our passions. We love the challenge of designing tools that inspire employees to take action.

We can help you win hearts and minds by helping employees:

1 Make the most of your employment offer

2 Learn and grow while they’re with you

3 Understand what’s important to your business.

If you need to engage your employees in your new strategy, get them excited about pensions or create an emotional connection with your employer brand, we’re the people to talk to.

Creativity is at our core and we apply it to content, data and technology to deliver award-winning employee communications. The eight techniques we use to engage your people:

  1. Creativity – branding and design expertise.
  2. Storytelling – using plain English, avoiding jargon and story-telling.
  3. Gamification – creating emotional connections.
  4. Behavioural science – shifting people to new behaviours.
  5. Learning styles – engaging people through their learning preference.
  6. Consumer grade – creating an experience which meets the demands of mobile, busy individuals.
  7. Profiling – using self-segmentation and profiling to target the individual.
  8. Change management – applying its principles and approaches.

Come to our stand and say Hi, and remember, our creative director, Ryan Sales, will be there doing a talk at 12:35!

See you all there!

Making the complex simple for your employees

At Landscape we love making the complex simple. Creativity is at our core and we apply it to content, data and technology to deliver award-winning employee communications.

Maximising engagement and changing behaviours are our passions. We love the challenge of designing tools that inspire employees to take action.

We can help you win hearts and minds by helping employees:

-Make the most of your employment offer.

-Learn and grow while they’re with you.

-Understand what’s important to your business.

If you need to engage your employees in your new strategy, get them excited about pensions or create an emotional connection with your employer brand, we’re the people to talk to.

We apply eight techniques to engage your audience:

  1. Creativity – branding and design expertise
  2. Simplicity – using plain English, avoiding jargon
  3. Gamification – creating emotional connections
  4. Behavioural science – shifting people to new behaviours
  5. Learning styles – engaging people through their learning preference
  6. Consumer grade – creating an experience which meets the demands of mobile, busy individuals
  7. Profiling – using self-segmentation and profiling to target the individual
  8. Change management – applying its principles and approaches.


Check some of our lovely projects:

Engaging and educating pension scheme members with KPMG

Developing a market-leading tool for CIPD members

Recognising reward with Actelion

A campaign in multiple languages and locations for Zurich

Taking ‘Pride’ with Nationwide

Nationwide’s behaviour framework PRIDE, is a key component of their EVP and is underpinned by five simple statements. They wanted employees to be excited about joining in with the forthcoming conversations across the business. Landscape developed a fun and simple quiz which asked employees to select their preferences from a mobile friendly tool.

Landscape used bold simple layouts and a warm typographic style using the Nationwide PRIDE fonts, then Illustrated them using geometric shapes and hand drawn lines. Employee reaction was fantastic – it went viral across the business on Yammer.

Unravelling current communication challenges

The results of our eye-catching interactive data map at Employee Benefits Live are a fascinating pulse check of HR manager’s thoughts and plans for communications in 2017. It represents approximately 650,000 employees, and we can now reveal the top 10 insights from our map.


>> Click here to discover what’s hot and what’s not in employee communications.

We believe there’s good news out there – with improved focus, constant creativity and remembering to keep it simple we believe the majority of employees are keen to make the most of what their employer has to offer.

This is the first in our series of insights from our pulse check. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be digging deeper into the findings and revealing the journeys our respondents wanted to tackle and how they wanted to take them.

We hope you find it as interesting as we do!



Bringing Data to life for Richardson Eyres

Richardson Eyres needed a campaign to communicate their RE Cloud Service on a B2B level. The challenge was to demonstrate the benefits of their technical services whilst appealing to the purchase decision makers in their targeted customer base. Landscape conceived and created Data Dave, an unfortunate pixel who encounters all manner of bad luck.

To launch the campaign we created the animation ‘The Unfortunate Demise & Rebirth of Data Dave’. The emphasis had to be on Data Dave’s vulnerability and his need for the protection that Richardson Eyres’ services provide. We created a cute and lovable character so that people would immediately feel an affinity for him, making his subsequent, and sometimes brutal, deaths all the more shocking and therefore humourous. Forever restored to his former glory by RE Cloud Backup as a Service, the animation playfully demonstrates the benefits of their services whilst simultaneously making people laugh.

Delivering a pensions tool to DHL employees

Landscape, in partnership with Willis Towers Watson, were approached by DHL to create a visually engaging and on-brand online tool to educate their employees about their workplace pensions options. Designed with mobile in mind, the tool was fully responsive and utilised parallax scrolling, taking users on a horizontal experience through various environments relevant to each user group. At each new location, users were asked a question regarding their retirement plans which then tailored the next step on their online pensions journey and helped them make the right decision at the final destination of the tool.

Engaging and educating pension scheme members with KPMG

Landscape was invited to design and build an innovative pensions tool for KPMG to guide pension scheme members. We helped define the proposition and named it ‘KPMG Pilot®. Your money, your way, your destination’.

KPMG Pilot® provides insight, powering conversations and igniting action. It allows members to dynamically model their retirement outcomes and helps organisation’s gain clarity around their workforce and defined contribution pension provisions. It integrates with a back-end stochastic engine that displays member values in real time, and tracks ONS data. We also built in quality analytics to measure member engagement and usage.

Recognising reward with Actelion

Anecdotal feedback from Actelion showed that employees were not clear on how monetary rewards were calculated. Focus groups confirmed that a new communication approach was required to de-mistify annual bonuses, deferred equity, performance shares and restricted stock units and build a better understanding of the true value of the reward proposition.

We created a visual language for reward communications to compliment the employer brand and position short and long term rewards as a core element of the employee proposition. Reward communications have become instantly recognisable across the business through a suite of brochures and interactive PDFs. As a result, employees now see the real value of stock and incentives.

Developing a market-leading tool for CIPD members

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a professional body for HR and people development. In partnership with Willis Towers Watson, Landscape re-designed the user experience, structure and functional capabilities of CIPD’s HR Map. The biggest challenge we faced was to present the complex content in beautiful simplicity both visually and from a user interface perspective. This was ultimately achieved through a simple architecture, clear layout, use of colour coding and intuitive navigation.

The tool needed to be easy to use and incorporate a multitude of complex back end functionalities including secure middleware to communicate with internal systems, custom CMS features and bespoke analytics.

Raising awareness of Health & Safety in Actelion

Landscape were asked to create a Health and Safety campaign and supporting marketing materials for Actelion, a company based in Basel, Switzerland. The campaign needed to accurately represent the brand but also have its own distinctive identity.

We achieved this by creating a ‘Health + Safety’ brandmark and called the campaign ‘Your health, your safety’ to drive home the message that everyone should take responsibility for their own well being. Then using Actelion’s distinctive gradients and abstract graphics we created unique patterns and shapes to frame all the required elements, resulting in elegant and distinctive posters, pull-ups, flyers and banners. Each event has had a marked increase in attendance and been crucial in raising awareness of health and safety, a critical focus for the pharmaceutical industry.

Value creation with Actelion’s Annual Report

Following the success of the Annual Report that Landscape produced for Actelion in 2013, we were asked to design and produce their Annual Report for 2014. Evolving the rich brand imagery of the previous year, we worked closely with the Actelion team to again produce four separate books for the Report: Value Creation, Corporate Governance and CSR, Compensation and Finance.

Each report was beautifully printed in two languages (English and German), but also as as interactive PDF’s for digital distribution. The four books could be stored inside their own bespoke slipcase, attractively packaging all of the information that the investment community would need to know about that year’s success.

Making the complicated clear for Richardson Eyres

Richardson Eyres were in need of some technical Illustrations that would demonstrate the detailed nature of their new data service ‘RE Cloud Backup as a Service’. We produced three illustrations, each one outlining a different feature of the Service: ‘Back Up’, ‘Testing’ and ‘Reliable Disaster Recovery’.

The drawings had to simplify these complicated processes but simultaneously be technically accurate. The illustrations were then used digitally as a sales tool to promote the benefits of using RE Cloud Backup as a Service and ReliableDR and to explain the complex processes to potential customers.

An app to showcase CGI’s Heathcare proposition

CGI are an IT and business process service, with a broad offer across multiple sectors. They asked Landscape to develop an app that their sales team could use to help explain their Healthcare proposition at various events and seminars across the country. Through a workshop, we were able to define the content of the app, and then developed and animated a visual graphic to explain the depth and breadth of their offer. The sales team could navigate through the app when in a face-to-face situation, picking out the most relevant content and the app was then distributed as part of a follow-up conversation.

Innovating app for construction group Morgan Sindall

Landscape were presented with the challenge of re-purposing construction group Morgan Sindall’s tender document for the new Institute of Food Research in Norwich. We have previous experience of presenting bids as innovative and purposeful apps and they were excited at how we could add an extra ‘10%’  to their submission.

After outlining a simple UX and UI that incorporated both brands, we integrated video, interactive organigrams and timelines, BIM diagrams and animations, all reinforcing Morgan Sindall’s key proposition and bringing complex information to life. Bids generally need to be produced within a very short timeline, as content is often only finalised at the last moment but our systematic method of integration and delivery meant that we we produced an impressive app seamlessly and successfully.


Some of our clients


We improve engagement and productivity
by winning hearts and minds