We’re telling stories at the Internal Communication event on 20 June

Are you going to the Internal Communication event on 20 June?

Hopefully, you’ll come and see us there.

Story-telling is one of the eight techniques we use to maximise engagement which is why we’re there talking about it.  We love making the complex simple and changing behaviours are our passions. We love the challenge of designing tools that inspire employees to take action.

We can help you win hearts and minds by helping employees:

1 Make the most of your employment offer

2 Learn and grow while they’re with you

3 Understand what’s important to your business.

If you need to engage your employees in your new strategy, get them excited about pensions or create an emotional connection with your employer brand, we’re the people to talk to.

Creativity is at our core and we apply it to content, data and technology to deliver award-winning employee communications. The eight techniques we use to engage your people:

  1. Creativity – branding and design expertise.
  2. Storytelling – using plain English, avoiding jargon and story-telling.
  3. Gamification – creating emotional connections.
  4. Behavioural science – shifting people to new behaviours.
  5. Learning styles – engaging people through their learning preference.
  6. Consumer grade – creating an experience which meets the demands of mobile, busy individuals.
  7. Profiling – using self-segmentation and profiling to target the individual.
  8. Change management – applying its principles and approaches.

Come to our stand and say Hi, and remember, our creative director, Ryan Sales, will be there doing a talk at 12:35!

See you all there!