Annual Report

Graphic Design Landscape UK

Value creation with Actelion’s Annual Report

Following the success of the Annual Report that Landscape produced for Actelion in 2013, we were asked to design and produce their Annual Report for 2014. Evolving the rich brand imagery of the previous year, we worked closely with the Actelion team to again produce four separate books for the Report: Value Creation, Corporate Governance and CSR, Compensation and Finance.

Each report was beautifully printed in two languages (English and German), but also as as interactive PDF’s for digital distribution. The four books could be stored inside their own bespoke slipcase, attractively packaging all of the information that the investment community would need to know about that year’s success.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Actelion

Actelion’s Annual Report designed as four books across two languages

On the back of our successful work communicating Actelion’s strategy, we were asked to help produce their full and interim Annual Reports. Working closely with investor analysts, we designed the report as four individual books, with a dedicated report outlining Executive Compensation, it’s clarity being a key objective for this year. We exploited the rich brand imagery to explore different forms that bookended each section and also provided clear signposting through the documents.

The books were designed and produced as both interactive pdf’s and printed documents too. These included English and German versions.