Actelion Graphic Design

Recognising reward with Actelion

Anecdotal feedback from Actelion showed that employees were not clear on how monetary rewards were calculated. Focus groups confirmed that a new communication approach was required to de-mistify annual bonuses, deferred equity, performance shares and restricted stock units and build a better understanding of the true value of the reward proposition.

We created a visual language for reward communications to compliment the employer brand and position short and long term rewards as a core element of the employee proposition. Reward communications have become instantly recognisable across the business through a suite of brochures and interactive PDFs. As a result, employees now see the real value of stock and incentives.

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Raising awareness of Health & Safety in Actelion

Landscape were asked to create a Health and Safety campaign and supporting marketing materials for Actelion, a company based in Basel, Switzerland. The campaign needed to accurately represent the brand but also have its own distinctive identity.

We achieved this by creating a ‘Health + Safety’ brandmark and called the campaign ‘Your health, your safety’ to drive home the message that everyone should take responsibility for their own well being. Then using Actelion’s distinctive gradients and abstract graphics we created unique patterns and shapes to frame all the required elements, resulting in elegant and distinctive posters, pull-ups, flyers and banners. Each event has had a marked increase in attendance and been crucial in raising awareness of health and safety, a critical focus for the pharmaceutical industry.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

Value creation with Actelion’s Annual Report

Following the success of the Annual Report that Landscape produced for Actelion in 2013, we were asked to design and produce their Annual Report for 2014. Evolving the rich brand imagery of the previous year, we worked closely with the Actelion team to again produce four separate books for the Report: Value Creation, Corporate Governance and CSR, Compensation and Finance.

Each report was beautifully printed in two languages (English and German), but also as as interactive PDF’s for digital distribution. The four books could be stored inside their own bespoke slipcase, attractively packaging all of the information that the investment community would need to know about that year’s success.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Actelion

Actelion’s Annual Report designed as four books across two languages

On the back of our successful work communicating Actelion’s strategy, we were asked to help produce their full and interim Annual Reports. Working closely with investor analysts, we designed the report as four individual books, with a dedicated report outlining Executive Compensation, it’s clarity being a key objective for this year. We exploited the rich brand imagery to explore different forms that bookended each section and also provided clear signposting through the documents.

The books were designed and produced as both interactive pdf’s and printed documents too. These included English and German versions.

A campaign to explain business transformation to Nationwide’s employees

Over the past five years, Nationwide has undergone a series of operational changes which effected how employees work and the services they offer to their customers. In order to educate the employees about these changes and generate a positive outlook, Landscape created an animation which not only clarified what the changes actually were, but emphasised how the transformation simplified the lives of both the employees and the customers. The animation was launched at a company event, alongside additional assets which included a printed desk drop and poster.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Trustee

A campaign to articulate Hymans Robertson’s trustee proposition

Hymans Robertson required a clear proposition for pension fund Trustees. They know that the way in which they work with their clients is what really sets them apart where competitors are sales-focussed and heavily influenced by the needs of shareholders. We developed ‘Trustee Tales’, a campaign that leveraged the strength and length of their client relationships. We interviewed a selection of key trustees and wrote and animated a series of short stories that combined their business challenges with personal anecdotes. These were distributed through social media and as a targeted direct marketing campaign. We also produced the concepts for their event stand at NAPF, and other key pieces of collateral.

Graphic Design Landscape UK WCA

Generating new members for World Coal Association

The World Coal Association is a global industry association formed of major international coal producers, providing a voice for coal in international matters. Attracting new members to join WCA is key to the success of the organisation, and we were asked create a membership pack that could be sent to international prospects. Our solution was a series of documents that were connected with a diagonal bias, each with a graphic texture developed from the hexagon brand element. The cover of the main brochure was printed on a black substrate with a black foil that reinforced WCA’s position as a sophisticated and decisive organisation.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

A campaign that visualises Zurich’s corporate strategy internally

Zurich approached Landscape to help articulate the business strategy of their Global Corporate business to Zurich employees. At the time, it was a wordy and unengaging PowerPoint slide. We picked out the key messages to create a ‘Trinity’ graphic icon that was then used across posters, interactive banners and deskdrops. We also created environmental graphics for pillars within the head-office so that it looked like the strategy was so ensconced within Zurich it was part of the construction of the building itself.

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A pensions brand for JP Morgan

In partnership with Willis Towers Watson, Landscape were asked to create a visual language that could be applied to various pension communications for J.P. Morgan UK employees. We created a library of graphic icons in different colour treatments that underpin specific pension messaging which can build to create larger illustrations that support the objectives of individual communications. This was implemented across various print, digital and film applications.

Graphic Design Landscape UK DHL

A digital tool to inform DHL employees of their pension choices

In partnership with Willis Towers Watson Landscape were asked to create a personalised journey for DHL employees where their final destination is dependant on answers to questions on their approach and attitudes to pensions.

To do this, they choose a virtual mini-me that drives through the tool. On the journey, they are asked four questions, and interact with colleagues/friends who offer advice on the value of pension planning.

Graphic Design Landscape UK AXA

A campaign to launch a new market segment for AXA

AXA wanted to position their new commercial insurance segment and communicate this to targeted broker CEOs and senior management.

We developed a ‘Go Beyond’ proposition and engagement plan that clearly positioned AXA within the broker landscape and communicated AXA’s commitment to this segment. This was delivered through bespoke iPads and iTouchs, with pre-loaded, personalised films, supported by other personalised launch collateral.

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A film and emarketing campaign to launch Equiniti’s new portal

Following feedback from their annual survey, Equiniti invested significant funds into building an online tool for employee share plans. They therefore needed to communicate the benfits to both their existing clients and prospects. We proposed a viral film that be featured on Equiniti’s website, and distributed through social media. We also created a fact sheet and sent out personalised emails through our eBroadcast system.