Financial wellbeing for HSBC employees

Today’s employees are increasingly looking to employers for more than just a job. Employers can help improve their employees’ financial wellbeing by providing them with the knowledge to make informed decisions about budgeting, saving and managing money effectively.

As a financial services organisation, HSBC believed this was integral to the ‘duty of care’ to it’s employees, and so developed a platform with Willis Towers Watson that aimed to inspire and educate employees. Landscape were asked to create three key digital tools that were wrapped up within a long-term ‘Know You’ communications campaign.

‘Know Your Priorities’ helps employees learn about the different types of financial protection available for employees and their family. ‘Know Your Goals’ is a simple tool designed to help them know themselves a bit better and learn more about a range of investment products (and their associated risks). ‘Know Your Options’ is a simple saving vs borrowing calculator that helps employees decide which approach is best.

‘Act like an Owner’ with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola encourages their employees to ‘Act like an Owner’ and a key part of this is to understand how everyone’s actions contribute to the company’s growth. We were asked by Willis Towers Watson to create an app that drives the four key business metrics.

The learning map is an interactive scrolling journey that breaks down the actions and behaviours each employee needs to know. Employees are segmented based on job function and seniority, which then changes the content they would experience within the map. It explains terms and definitions, and helps employees understand what they can do in their role to support company growth.

Over 3300 users completed the experience, with 24% indicating an increase in their knowledge of a complex series of performance measures and targets.

Taking ‘Pride’ with Nationwide

Nationwide’s behaviour framework PRIDE, is a key component of their EVP and is underpinned by five simple statements. They wanted employees to be excited about joining in with the forthcoming conversations across the business. Landscape developed a fun and simple quiz which asked employees to select their preferences from a mobile friendly tool.

Landscape used bold simple layouts and a warm typographic style using the Nationwide PRIDE fonts, then Illustrated them using geometric shapes and hand drawn lines. Employee reaction was fantastic – it went viral across the business on Yammer.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

Delivering a pensions tool to DHL employees

Landscape, in partnership with Willis Towers Watson, were approached by DHL to create a visually engaging and on-brand online tool to educate their employees about their workplace pensions options. Designed with mobile in mind, the tool was fully responsive and utilised parallax scrolling, taking users on a horizontal experience through various environments relevant to each user group. At each new location, users were asked a question regarding their retirement plans which then tailored the next step on their online pensions journey and helped them make the right decision at the final destination of the tool.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

Developing a market-leading tool for CIPD members

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a professional body for HR and people development. In partnership with Willis Towers Watson, Landscape re-designed the user experience, structure and functional capabilities of CIPD’s HR Map. The biggest challenge we faced was to present the complex content in beautiful simplicity both visually and from a user interface perspective. This was ultimately achieved through a simple architecture, clear layout, use of colour coding and intuitive navigation.

The tool needed to be easy to use and incorporate a multitude of complex back end functionalities including secure middleware to communicate with internal systems, custom CMS features and bespoke analytics.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Pilot

Engaging and educating pension scheme members with KPMG

Landscape was invited to design and build an innovative pensions tool for KPMG to guide pension scheme members. We helped define the proposition and named it ‘KPMG Pilot®. Your money, your way, your destination’.

KPMG Pilot® provides insight, powering conversations and igniting action. It allows members to dynamically model their retirement outcomes and helps organisation’s gain clarity around their workforce and defined contribution pension provisions. It integrates with a back-end stochastic engine that displays member values in real time, and tracks ONS data. We also built in quality analytics to measure member engagement and usage.

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Measuring happiness

Landscape love tackling tricky data and complex concepts. So, having been keeping track of the Office of National Statistics ‘National Well-Being Check’ over the years, we sensed a challenge we couldn’t ignore – turning spreadsheets into something engaging and enjoyable! Noting the increase in national happiness this year over previous ones, we designed and built this web profiler to do two things. Firstly, we wanted to present some of the facts and figures within the ONS findings in a unique way. Secondly, we wanted people to find out something new about themselves – namely, where do they get their happiness from? The profiler asks a series of questions and depending on the answer chosen, users are given one of four results, explaining their happy preference, and how that connects with the ONS data.

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Innovating app for construction group Morgan Sindall

Landscape were presented with the challenge of re-purposing construction group Morgan Sindall’s tender document for the new Institute of Food Research in Norwich. We have previous experience of presenting bids as innovative and purposeful apps and they were excited at how we could add an extra ‘10%’  to their submission.

After outlining a simple UX and UI that incorporated both brands, we integrated video, interactive organigrams and timelines, BIM diagrams and animations, all reinforcing Morgan Sindall’s key proposition and bringing complex information to life. Bids generally need to be produced within a very short timeline, as content is often only finalised at the last moment but our systematic method of integration and delivery meant that we we produced an impressive app seamlessly and successfully.

Graphic Design Landscape UK CGI

An app to showcase CGI’s Heathcare proposition

CGI are an IT and business process service, with a broad offer across multiple sectors. They asked Landscape to develop an app that their sales team could use to help explain their Healthcare proposition at various events and seminars across the country. Through a workshop, we were able to define the content of the app, and then developed and animated a visual graphic to explain the depth and breadth of their offer. The sales team could navigate through the app when in a face-to-face situation, picking out the most relevant content and the app was then distributed as part of a follow-up conversation.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Hymans

A campaign to launch a new pensions platform for Hymans Robertson

Research by Hymans Robertson found that two thirds of employers believe that almost half of their workforce are not saving enough to retire when they would like. In response, Hymans Robertson launched Guided Outcomes (GO) – a pensions solution that guides employees to make the right decisions on building their retirement savings pot. We created Mr Feel Good to illustrate how GO could make pension trustees ‘feel good’ about pensions. It was launched with a microsite, animated films, advertising and social media. Post launch activity included targeted direct marketing, events, further PR and thought leadership initiatives.

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An app for APMP’s annual conference

This year, delegates at APMP’s conference were able to download an app from iTunes Store that included key information about the schedule, speaker biogs, awards, certification training and venue details with attendees being able to tweet directly from the app.

Graphic Design Landscape UK PSMG

An app for PSMG events

The theme for PSMG’s annual conference was the use of apps in professional services. PSMG had heard of our app work at a seminar we spoke at, so cue one of our event apps. We took the previous year’s structure and added new functionality, such as speaker biogs, linked in twitter waterfall, and the ability to rate each event live.