Branding for the International Coal and Climate Summit in Poland

The World Coal Association hosted an International Coal & Climate Summit in Poland, bringing together policy makers and business leaders to discuss how coal can play a role in global development. Landscape created the branding for the event, including it’s application on signage and wayfaring. We also designed the Warsaw Communique which was launched at the event, a three-step call to action to support the use and deployment of more efficient coal technologies to tackle climate change, and the branding for the inaugural Leadership and Excellence Awards.

"The strong branding created for us by Landscape was produced to a high standard and to incredibly tight deadlines. We felt that Landscape were part of the team, working with us to make the event a success." WCA Communications Director
34_WCA_Summit_05.jpg 34_WCA_Summit_03.jpg 34_WCA_Summit_04.jpg 34_WCA_Summit_02.jpg