Engaging and educating pension scheme members with KPMG

Landscape was invited to design and build an innovative pensions tool for KPMG to guide pension scheme members. We helped define the proposition and named it ‘KPMG Pilot®. Your money, your way, your destination’.

KPMG Pilot® provides insight, powering conversations and igniting action. It allows members to dynamically model their retirement outcomes and helps organisation’s gain clarity around their workforce and defined contribution pension provisions. It integrates with a back-end stochastic engine that displays member values in real time, and tracks ONS data. We also built in quality analytics to measure member engagement and usage.




KPMG Pilot
“Landscape worked collaboratively with myself and my team, not only sharing our vision but challenging our ideas to ensure we had a great user experience. Their design work is always extremely good, fun and interactive, and the work for KPMG Pilot® was no exception. Feedback from our client’s has been very positive.”