Measuring happiness

Landscape love tackling tricky data and complex concepts. So, having been keeping track of the Office of National Statistics ‘National Well-Being Check’ over the years, we sensed a challenge we couldn’t ignore – turning spreadsheets into something engaging and enjoyable! Noting the increase in national happiness this year over previous ones, we designed and built this web profiler to do two things. Firstly, we wanted to present some of the facts and figures within the ONS findings in a unique way. Secondly, we wanted people to find out something new about themselves – namely, where do they get their happiness from? The profiler asks a series of questions and depending on the answer chosen, users are given one of four results, explaining their happy preference, and how that connects with the ONS data.

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"The HAPI approach could be the answer to getting some real payback from engagement channels like employee surveys.”
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