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The Bank of England is the UK’s central bank. Its mission is to promote the good of the people by maintaining monetary and financial stability. It employs over 4,000 people across multiple sites throughout the UK.

Human behaviour values short-term gratification over better long-term value and this is shown by our attitude to saving for life after work. The UK is approaching a crisis of an ageing population who can’t afford to stop working, stifling the employment opportunities of younger generations. The onus is therefore on organisations to inform, inspire and engage employees with the importance of lifetime saving.

Compared to the UK private sector, the Bank of England have a good pension arrangement for their employees but a survey revealed it wasn’t appreciated or understood as highly as some other benefits. Communications weren’t leading to decision making – only 27% of employees felt informed about how to make their annual pension choices. To show commitment to their financial wellbeing, the Bank wanted everyone to understand and value their complete benefits package, and particularly their pension.

We proposed a new reward brand that fits within the existing corporate brand to help differentiate and elevate pension communications. We rationalised the naming of the products and recommended a framework for a range of communication outputs, including four short animations. These help to explain the basics of pensions and how the Bank’s scheme works.

The first two animations were launched in the benefits window and were immediately labelled a success. The launch received over 1,200 ‘likes’, 3,800 page visits during the benefits window and nearly 80% of employees clicking on one of the videos.

All four of the animations can be seen at the below links:


Financial wellbeing for HSBC employees

Today’s employees are increasingly looking to employers for more than just a job. Employers can help improve their employees’ financial wellbeing by providing them with the knowledge to make informed decisions about budgeting, saving and managing money effectively.

As a financial services organisation, HSBC believed this was integral to the ‘duty of care’ to it’s employees, and so developed a platform with Willis Towers Watson that aimed to inspire and educate employees. Landscape were asked to create three key digital tools that were wrapped up within a long-term ‘Know You’ communications campaign.

‘Know Your Priorities’ helps employees learn about the different types of financial protection available for employees and their family. ‘Know Your Goals’ is a simple tool designed to help them know themselves a bit better and learn more about a range of investment products (and their associated risks). ‘Know Your Options’ is a simple saving vs borrowing calculator that helps employees decide which approach is best.

‘Act like an Owner’ with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola encourages their employees to ‘Act like an Owner’ and a key part of this is to understand how everyone’s actions contribute to the company’s growth. We were asked by Willis Towers Watson to create an app that drives the four key business metrics.

The learning map is an interactive scrolling journey that breaks down the actions and behaviours each employee needs to know. Employees are segmented based on job function and seniority, which then changes the content they would experience within the map. It explains terms and definitions, and helps employees understand what they can do in their role to support company growth.

Over 3300 users completed the experience, with 24% indicating an increase in their knowledge of a complex series of performance measures and targets.

Fighting for a life unlimited with Cystic Fibrosis Trust

During a packed week of activity, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust focus on engaging and activating their community of supporters, culminating in ‘Wear Yellow Day’ which is a key event in their fundraising calendar.

Landscape were approached to create the campaign for ‘CF Week’, from the initial promotion through to the events and then further activity during the summer months. We created a series of mascots that united all the marketing, applying them to a range of collateral including a fundraising pack, direct mail action pack, an interactive timeline, web and media banners. We also produced a widget whereby supporters could add yellow accessories to their uploaded photographs if they didn’t have anything yellow to wear.

The campaign was highly successful – predicted Wear Yellow income has more than doubled with a combined reach of over 300,000 across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Individual donations increased by over 20%.

Taking ‘Pride’ with Nationwide

Nationwide’s behaviour framework PRIDE, is a key component of their EVP and is underpinned by five simple statements. They wanted employees to be excited about joining in with the forthcoming conversations across the business. Landscape developed a fun and simple quiz which asked employees to select their preferences from a mobile friendly tool.

Landscape used bold simple layouts and a warm typographic style using the Nationwide PRIDE fonts, then Illustrated them using geometric shapes and hand drawn lines. Employee reaction was fantastic – it went viral across the business on Yammer.

Graphic design Richardson Eyres

Bringing Data to life for Richardson Eyres

Richardson Eyres needed a campaign to communicate their RE Cloud Service on a B2B level. The challenge was to demonstrate the benefits of their technical services whilst appealing to the purchase decision makers in their targeted customer base. Landscape conceived and created Data Dave, an unfortunate pixel who encounters all manner of bad luck.

To launch the campaign we created the animation ‘The Unfortunate Demise & Rebirth of Data Dave’. The emphasis had to be on Data Dave’s vulnerability and his need for the protection that Richardson Eyres’ services provide. We created a cute and lovable character so that people would immediately feel an affinity for him, making his subsequent, and sometimes brutal, deaths all the more shocking and therefore humourous. Forever restored to his former glory by RE Cloud Backup as a Service, the animation playfully demonstrates the benefits of their services whilst simultaneously making people laugh.

Actelion Graphic Design

Recognising reward with Actelion

Anecdotal feedback from Actelion showed that employees were not clear on how monetary rewards were calculated. Focus groups confirmed that a new communication approach was required to de-mistify annual bonuses, deferred equity, performance shares and restricted stock units and build a better understanding of the true value of the reward proposition.

We created a visual language for reward communications to compliment the employer brand and position short and long term rewards as a core element of the employee proposition. Reward communications have become instantly recognisable across the business through a suite of brochures and interactive PDFs. As a result, employees now see the real value of stock and incentives.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

Delivering a pensions tool to DHL employees

Landscape, in partnership with Willis Towers Watson, were approached by DHL to create a visually engaging and on-brand online tool to educate their employees about their workplace pensions options. Designed with mobile in mind, the tool was fully responsive and utilised parallax scrolling, taking users on a horizontal experience through various environments relevant to each user group. At each new location, users were asked a question regarding their retirement plans which then tailored the next step on their online pensions journey and helped them make the right decision at the final destination of the tool.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

Developing a market-leading tool for CIPD members

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a professional body for HR and people development. In partnership with Willis Towers Watson, Landscape re-designed the user experience, structure and functional capabilities of CIPD’s HR Map. The biggest challenge we faced was to present the complex content in beautiful simplicity both visually and from a user interface perspective. This was ultimately achieved through a simple architecture, clear layout, use of colour coding and intuitive navigation.

The tool needed to be easy to use and incorporate a multitude of complex back end functionalities including secure middleware to communicate with internal systems, custom CMS features and bespoke analytics.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Pilot

Engaging and educating pension scheme members with KPMG

Landscape was invited to design and build an innovative pensions tool for KPMG to guide pension scheme members. We helped define the proposition and named it ‘KPMG Pilot®. Your money, your way, your destination’.

KPMG Pilot® provides insight, powering conversations and igniting action. It allows members to dynamically model their retirement outcomes and helps organisation’s gain clarity around their workforce and defined contribution pension provisions. It integrates with a back-end stochastic engine that displays member values in real time, and tracks ONS data. We also built in quality analytics to measure member engagement and usage.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

Measuring happiness

Landscape love tackling tricky data and complex concepts. So, having been keeping track of the Office of National Statistics ‘National Well-Being Check’ over the years, we sensed a challenge we couldn’t ignore – turning spreadsheets into something engaging and enjoyable! Noting the increase in national happiness this year over previous ones, we designed and built this web profiler to do two things. Firstly, we wanted to present some of the facts and figures within the ONS findings in a unique way. Secondly, we wanted people to find out something new about themselves – namely, where do they get their happiness from? The profiler asks a series of questions and depending on the answer chosen, users are given one of four results, explaining their happy preference, and how that connects with the ONS data.

Go to hapi.yourlandscape.co.uk

Graphic Design Landscape UK

Raising awareness of Health & Safety in Actelion

Landscape were asked to create a Health and Safety campaign and supporting marketing materials for Actelion, a company based in Basel, Switzerland. The campaign needed to accurately represent the brand but also have its own distinctive identity.

We achieved this by creating a ‘Health + Safety’ brandmark and called the campaign ‘Your health, your safety’ to drive home the message that everyone should take responsibility for their own well being. Then using Actelion’s distinctive gradients and abstract graphics we created unique patterns and shapes to frame all the required elements, resulting in elegant and distinctive posters, pull-ups, flyers and banners. Each event has had a marked increase in attendance and been crucial in raising awareness of health and safety, a critical focus for the pharmaceutical industry.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

Making the complicated clear for Richardson Eyres

Richardson Eyres were in need of some technical Illustrations that would demonstrate the detailed nature of their new data service ‘RE Cloud Backup as a Service’. We produced three illustrations, each one outlining a different feature of the Service: ‘Back Up’, ‘Testing’ and ‘Reliable Disaster Recovery’.

The drawings had to simplify these complicated processes but simultaneously be technically accurate. The illustrations were then used digitally as a sales tool to promote the benefits of using RE Cloud Backup as a Service and ReliableDR and to explain the complex processes to potential customers.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

Value creation with Actelion’s Annual Report

Following the success of the Annual Report that Landscape produced for Actelion in 2013, we were asked to design and produce their Annual Report for 2014. Evolving the rich brand imagery of the previous year, we worked closely with the Actelion team to again produce four separate books for the Report: Value Creation, Corporate Governance and CSR, Compensation and Finance.

Each report was beautifully printed in two languages (English and German), but also as as interactive PDF’s for digital distribution. The four books could be stored inside their own bespoke slipcase, attractively packaging all of the information that the investment community would need to know about that year’s success.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

Innovating app for construction group Morgan Sindall

Landscape were presented with the challenge of re-purposing construction group Morgan Sindall’s tender document for the new Institute of Food Research in Norwich. We have previous experience of presenting bids as innovative and purposeful apps and they were excited at how we could add an extra ‘10%’  to their submission.

After outlining a simple UX and UI that incorporated both brands, we integrated video, interactive organigrams and timelines, BIM diagrams and animations, all reinforcing Morgan Sindall’s key proposition and bringing complex information to life. Bids generally need to be produced within a very short timeline, as content is often only finalised at the last moment but our systematic method of integration and delivery meant that we we produced an impressive app seamlessly and successfully.

Graphic Design Landscape UK CGI

An app to showcase CGI’s Heathcare proposition

CGI are an IT and business process service, with a broad offer across multiple sectors. They asked Landscape to develop an app that their sales team could use to help explain their Healthcare proposition at various events and seminars across the country. Through a workshop, we were able to define the content of the app, and then developed and animated a visual graphic to explain the depth and breadth of their offer. The sales team could navigate through the app when in a face-to-face situation, picking out the most relevant content and the app was then distributed as part of a follow-up conversation.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Hymans Robertson

A film to demonstrate the experience of working with Hymans Robertson

Hymans Robertson believed that if they could bottle their clients experience of working together, they would be an extremely attractive pension partner. So we filmed their annual and prestigious Burns Night Supper, and then traced back three clients to explain how Hymans Robertson helped them to deliver on the ‘Pensions Promise’, picking up key messages with tracked kinetic typography. The film is used as a general introduction for tender opportunities and new business, and to engage prospective employees.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Actelion

Actelion’s Annual Report designed as four books across two languages

On the back of our successful work communicating Actelion’s strategy, we were asked to help produce their full and interim Annual Reports. Working closely with investor analysts, we designed the report as four individual books, with a dedicated report outlining Executive Compensation, it’s clarity being a key objective for this year. We exploited the rich brand imagery to explore different forms that bookended each section and also provided clear signposting through the documents.

The books were designed and produced as both interactive pdf’s and printed documents too. These included English and German versions.

A campaign to explain business transformation to Nationwide’s employees

Over the past five years, Nationwide has undergone a series of operational changes which effected how employees work and the services they offer to their customers. In order to educate the employees about these changes and generate a positive outlook, Landscape created an animation which not only clarified what the changes actually were, but emphasised how the transformation simplified the lives of both the employees and the customers. The animation was launched at a company event, alongside additional assets which included a printed desk drop and poster.


Applying learning styles with Pearson

As befits an organisation whose tagline is ‘Always Learning’, Pearson wanted to create an e-learning module for all employees that explained it’s Purpose, Impact on Society, History and People. Willis Towers Watson asked Landscape to create an interactive and engaging tool where employees could tailor their experience by answering a few short questions which then presents relevant content to them. It included games, videos, quizes and other interactive content. It was integrated into Pearson’s e-learning platform, using SCORM. We also produced animations that supported the launch.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Trustee

A campaign to articulate Hymans Robertson’s trustee proposition

Hymans Robertson required a clear proposition for pension fund Trustees. They know that the way in which they work with their clients is what really sets them apart where competitors are sales-focussed and heavily influenced by the needs of shareholders. We developed ‘Trustee Tales’, a campaign that leveraged the strength and length of their client relationships. We interviewed a selection of key trustees and wrote and animated a series of short stories that combined their business challenges with personal anecdotes. These were distributed through social media and as a targeted direct marketing campaign. We also produced the concepts for their event stand at NAPF, and other key pieces of collateral.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

Branding for the International Coal and Climate Summit in Poland

The World Coal Association hosted an International Coal & Climate Summit in Poland, bringing together policy makers and business leaders to discuss how coal can play a role in global development. Landscape created the branding for the event, including it’s application on signage and wayfaring. We also designed the Warsaw Communique which was launched at the event, a three-step call to action to support the use and deployment of more efficient coal technologies to tackle climate change, and the branding for the inaugural Leadership and Excellence Awards.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Zurich

A campaign in multiple languages and locations for Zurich

Zurich were undertaking a group initiative based around job profiles and training that needed to be communicated to all employees in 170 countries and in seven languages. We created a behavioural journey for employees helping them understand the new competency model, and focusing on Awareness and Desire in the initial phases. The communications strategy used digital touchpoints to provide straight forward KPIs, and to fulfil Zurich’s environmental responsibilities.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

A film that explains the career lifecycle to Zurich employees

Zurich has a sophisticated set of global employee training and career support tools but wanted to show how they join up to form a complete employee lifecycle. Zurich had been impressed with our work on ZPP, and so asked us to create a short animation. We picked up the blue circle from the brand mark and used this playful visual device to bounce and roll along, connecting each module and demonstrating the opportunities available for employees on joining Zurich until they leave. It is now a key element in Zurich’s on-boarding programme.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Hymans

A campaign to launch a new pensions platform for Hymans Robertson

Research by Hymans Robertson found that two thirds of employers believe that almost half of their workforce are not saving enough to retire when they would like. In response, Hymans Robertson launched Guided Outcomes (GO) – a pensions solution that guides employees to make the right decisions on building their retirement savings pot. We created Mr Feel Good to illustrate how GO could make pension trustees ‘feel good’ about pensions. It was launched with a microsite, animated films, advertising and social media. Post launch activity included targeted direct marketing, events, further PR and thought leadership initiatives.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Actelion

‘Shaping the future’ with Actelion

Swiss pharmaceutical company Actelion had grown rapidly due to their development of market leading hypertension drugs, and needed to explain the business strategy to their 2,500 employees. We used language to emotionally connect employees to the business through our ‘Shaping Our Future’ campaign. This was then applied to a web app that calculated an employee’s learning style, and then served up the strategy content in the most relevant format – either a film, podcast, interactive PDF or white paper.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

A game taking employees through the pension jungle

A large corporate organisation was launching a new pension scheme to their UK workforce. In partnership with Willis Towers Watson, we were asked to explain how it compared with their existing plan. We designed an online experience whereby employees were sent a code that unlocked a game. They could then choose a character to take them on a journey through the pension jungle with the guidance of a genie to help explain the choices they needed to make. Various interactive tools were built into the tool, including a profiler, film, pensions quiz and a Flash based Crocs n Rocks game.


Graphic Design Landscape UK

An app for APMP’s annual conference

This year, delegates at APMP’s conference were able to download an app from iTunes Store that included key information about the schedule, speaker biogs, awards, certification training and venue details with attendees being able to tweet directly from the app.

Graphic Design Landscape UK WCA

Generating new members for World Coal Association

The World Coal Association is a global industry association formed of major international coal producers, providing a voice for coal in international matters. Attracting new members to join WCA is key to the success of the organisation, and we were asked create a membership pack that could be sent to international prospects. Our solution was a series of documents that were connected with a diagonal bias, each with a graphic texture developed from the hexagon brand element. The cover of the main brochure was printed on a black substrate with a black foil that reinforced WCA’s position as a sophisticated and decisive organisation.

Graphic Design Landscape UK PSMG

An app for PSMG events

The theme for PSMG’s annual conference was the use of apps in professional services. PSMG had heard of our app work at a seminar we spoke at, so cue one of our event apps. We took the previous year’s structure and added new functionality, such as speaker biogs, linked in twitter waterfall, and the ability to rate each event live.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

A campaign that visualises Zurich’s corporate strategy internally

Zurich approached Landscape to help articulate the business strategy of their Global Corporate business to Zurich employees. At the time, it was a wordy and unengaging PowerPoint slide. We picked out the key messages to create a ‘Trinity’ graphic icon that was then used across posters, interactive banners and deskdrops. We also created environmental graphics for pillars within the head-office so that it looked like the strategy was so ensconced within Zurich it was part of the construction of the building itself.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

An app to help Lewis Silkin generate new clients

From using older print submissions Landscape designed, developed and built Lewis Silkin’s bid app showcasing design and functionality of what the iPad app can do for them. From this pilot development Landscape delivered a dynamic bid app for their next tender opportunity. The app incorporated video with interactive content, and included multiple pdf documents in support of their submission. The bid was won, and the app was named specifically as a key differentiator, and proof of the law firm’s commitment to innovation.

Graphic Design Landscape UK infographic

Infographics to educate and inform for World Coal Association

As part of our long standing relationship with the World Coal Association, we are required to produce graphs, charts and infographics to illustrate the role coal takes in fulfilling our energy needs. These are then circulated directly to press offices or through social media, as well as displayed on their website, presentations and seminars. Making data look simple is always more complicated than it looks.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

A pensions brand for JP Morgan

In partnership with Willis Towers Watson, Landscape were asked to create a visual language that could be applied to various pension communications for J.P. Morgan UK employees. We created a library of graphic icons in different colour treatments that underpin specific pension messaging which can build to create larger illustrations that support the objectives of individual communications. This was implemented across various print, digital and film applications.

Graphic Design Landscape UK DHL

A digital tool to inform DHL employees of their pension choices

In partnership with Willis Towers Watson Landscape were asked to create a personalised journey for DHL employees where their final destination is dependant on answers to questions on their approach and attitudes to pensions.

To do this, they choose a virtual mini-me that drives through the tool. On the journey, they are asked four questions, and interact with colleagues/friends who offer advice on the value of pension planning.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

Infographics to position RGL Forensics as thought leaders in accountancy

RGL are a global forensic accountancy firm that asked us to highlight their knowledge and expertise in three key service areas: Fraud, Arbitration and Mergers and Aquisitions. We suggested a set of infographics that could be released on specific dates, and distributed globally via PR, social media and at speaker seminars. Soon journalists were contacting RGL for comment on these and other related topics and this thought leadership activity helped to increase their visibility.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Coca Cola

A digital tool that helps Coke employees understand their attitude to finance

Landscape was invited to build a pension profiler for Coca-Cola Enterprise employees working with Willis Towers Watson. The on-line decision tool needed to be simple, fun and engaging guiding members on their investment decisions by answering four quick questions around risk, planning and targets. Each member has a profile produced based on their answers. This enabled Coca-Cola members to think about their attitude to risk and control and how this could impact investment decisions.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Aviva

A suite of tools to engage Aviva employees with planning for the future

Aviva have a strong pensions brand and Landscape were asked to help to create a series of tools that could be accessed by Aviva employees through a pensions portal. We created three short films featuring Penny and Shaun (geddit?) that helps to explain their investment and pension choices. These were supported by an profiler tool, vox pops and a fun Flash game.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

An app that helped Civica win a large public sector account

Landscape developed and built Civica’s bid app, for a 3-year strategic partnership with the South Worcestershire Revenues & Benefits Shared Service in order to sustain local employment, improve services and deliver savings of £3 million to Malvern Hills District Council, Worcester City Council and Wychavon District Council.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

An app to help Hogan Lovells influence global clients

Landscape provided Hogan Lovells with a full proposal app solution that covered all of the areas of detail their prospect requested. Landscape started by exploring the five values which make Hogan Lovells what it is. We show what they mean in practice and some of the many ways they already feature in what they do for their client with supporting analytics.

Graphic Design Landscape UK AXA

A campaign to launch a new market segment for AXA

AXA wanted to position their new commercial insurance segment and communicate this to targeted broker CEOs and senior management.

We developed a ‘Go Beyond’ proposition and engagement plan that clearly positioned AXA within the broker landscape and communicated AXA’s commitment to this segment. This was delivered through bespoke iPads and iTouchs, with pre-loaded, personalised films, supported by other personalised launch collateral.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

A digital magazine for Johnson Matthey

After many years of designing and producing their quarterly magazine, global speciality chemicals company Johnson Matthey asked us to produce an online version that they could manage themselves, and integrate with an e-marketing system. Immediately we recognised that an OpenSource solution would suit their CMS and budget requirements (though we adapted virtually every module available to us!). We digitised all archived content going back over 10 years, including images, graphics, articles, charts and special publications. We also helped to collate the subscription data, and lauched the new website at a conference in Gothenburg.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

An app to position Capita as the intelligent alternative

Though Capita is a FTSE 100 company, the Investment Relations division was struggling to communicate the strength of their proposition to the City compared to a US based market leader. Landscape developed a creative proposition ‘The Intelligent Alternative’ and created two short films which demonstrated how Capita offer a more tailored, flexible and serviced solution. They were personalised, installed as an app on an iPad and delivered to 30 top investment houses over a 6 week period. The results were impressive – 85% positive feedback, 65% meeting conversion, and specific opportunities face-to-face have been discussed. Verbatim feedback included ‘very innovative’.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

A digital tool explaining flexible benefits to a FTSE 100’s employees

A global FTSE 100 company offer a wide range of benefits which are designed to suit their employees lifestyle helping meet their financial aims. In partnership with Willis Towers Watson, we created a profiler to help the employees decide which benefits might be most suitable with three simple steps to complete, that created an illustrated benefits ‘world’ depending on your answers.


Graphic Design Landscape UK

A film and emarketing campaign to launch Equiniti’s new portal

Following feedback from their annual survey, Equiniti invested significant funds into building an online tool for employee share plans. They therefore needed to communicate the benfits to both their existing clients and prospects. We proposed a viral film that be featured on Equiniti’s website, and distributed through social media. We also created a fact sheet and sent out personalised emails through our eBroadcast system.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

A series of tender apps for Capita

Capita’s business tenders are traditionally submitted as a printed document. We suggested that by additionally submitting it on an iPad, they could integrate personalised video, graphics and interactive content, underpinning the key benefits of their approach: Innovation; Quality; Service; and Sustainability. We worked closely with the tender delivery team and the in-house studio to integrate the hard-copy content into an engaging interactive experience, dovetailing with their (very tight) schedule. The iTender App included a branded personalised video introduction, talking head videos introducing the Account Managers, and branded iPad packaging.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

A campaign to help Reed recruit problem solvers

Reed needed to recruit high quality fee earning staff to support a key business strategy and raise brand awareness. Through market and competitor analysis and benchmarking, Landscape developed a strategy that challenged perceptions and delivered an engagement plan which included an integrated attraction campaign. This was launched across traditional and digital channels including social media by setting up a Facebook profile for the animated character. Extra assessment centres were deployed to handle the unexpected increase in both quantity and quality.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

A campaign to position AXA as the first choice in travel insurance

AXA asked us to help launch their Travel Insurance product to intermediaries whilst creating also awareness of the external communications internally. We developed a campaign proposition and built a behavioural journey that focussed on the broker, the relationship, the support they required and AXA’s internal audience. We identified the most relevant touch points for each audience group that supported the campaign key messages, and then rolled out the campaign theme. We generated £650k of revenue within the first few weeks of launch.




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