Graphic Design Landscape UK Zurich

A campaign in multiple languages and locations for Zurich

Zurich were undertaking a group initiative based around job profiles and training that needed to be communicated to all employees in 170 countries and in seven languages. We created a behavioural journey for employees helping them understand the new competency model, and focusing on Awareness and Desire in the initial phases. The communications strategy used digital touchpoints to provide straight forward KPIs, and to fulfil Zurich’s environmental responsibilities.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

A film that explains the career lifecycle to Zurich employees

Zurich has a sophisticated set of global employee training and career support tools but wanted to show how they join up to form a complete employee lifecycle. Zurich had been impressed with our work on ZPP, and so asked us to create a short animation. We picked up the blue circle from the brand mark and used this playful visual device to bounce and roll along, connecting each module and demonstrating the opportunities available for employees on joining Zurich until they leave. It is now a key element in Zurich’s on-boarding programme.

Graphic Design Landscape UK

A campaign that visualises Zurich’s corporate strategy internally

Zurich approached Landscape to help articulate the business strategy of their Global Corporate business to Zurich employees. At the time, it was a wordy and unengaging PowerPoint slide. We picked out the key messages to create a ‘Trinity’ graphic icon that was then used across posters, interactive banners and deskdrops. We also created environmental graphics for pillars within the head-office so that it looked like the strategy was so ensconced within Zurich it was part of the construction of the building itself.