‘Act like an Owner’ with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola encourages their employees to ‘Act like an Owner’ and a key part of this is to understand how everyone’s actions contribute to the company’s growth. We were asked by Willis Towers Watson to create an app that drives the four key business metrics.

The learning map is an interactive scrolling journey that breaks down the actions and behaviours each employee needs to know. Employees are segmented based on job function and seniority, which then changes the content they would experience within the map. It explains terms and definitions, and helps employees understand what they can do in their role to support company growth.

Over 3300 users completed the experience, with 24% indicating an increase in their knowledge of a complex series of performance measures and targets.

Graphic Design Landscape UK Coca Cola

A digital tool that helps Coke employees understand their attitude to finance

Landscape was invited to build a pension profiler for Coca-Cola Enterprise employees working with Willis Towers Watson. The on-line decision tool needed to be simple, fun and engaging guiding members on their investment decisions by answering four quick questions around risk, planning and targets. Each member has a profile produced based on their answers. This enabled Coca-Cola members to think about their attitude to risk and control and how this could impact investment decisions.