The Budgetizer: Helping employees manage money

A weekly or monthly pay check is the main source of money for most of us and is when support is needed most. Tools play an important role in helping improve financial literacy – One-in-three adults cannot work out the correct change from a shopping trip.*

Creating a budget is always a good first step in taking control of money. ‘The Budgetizer’ is a new type of online planner that is both engaging and useful. It is designed specifically for organisations by connecting with reward and benefit programmes to maximise their take up and value.

Income and spending is broken down into bite-size chunks to help employees plan for the future. They can also compare their budget with ‘people like me’ to see if they’re spending more or less than others. Peer comparison is proven to make a major impact in effecting change in behaviours.

A surplus can direct employees to company saving and pension plans, with debt support and counselling if there’s a significant deficit, heading off future financial issues.

Benefits for organisations:

• Supports your employees as money is the biggest form of stress at work
• Designed for employees, connecting to your reward, benefit and pension programs
• Helps to deliver on your financial wellbeing strategy
• Bespoke dashboard for real-time analytics
• Affordable licence including regular content updates
• Hosted remotely so simple to integrate with existing platforms through APIs
• GDPR compliant
• Can be adapted to reflect your company brand

Benefits for your employees:

• Introduces the basics of budgeting, putting them in control of finances
• Personalised guidance with achievable tips on what to do next
• Visual, engaging and easy to use
• Reflects the digital experiences they are used to outside of work
• Fully functioning on any device, anywhere and at any time
• Compare with ‘people like me’ through Office for National Statistics data
• Ability to save, download and share the results
• Secure and private

For further information, contact Ryan.

*UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and University of Cambridge

Landscape launch the first of eight animations to support financial wellbeing in the workplace

Landscape have produced eight rules for looking after money as a series of short and shareable animations. ‘Money Zingers’ offer simple advice to help employees understand the basics of finance.

They will be gradually launched over the coming weeks but here’s a sneak peak of the first ‘Get a saving habit’.

Money is the main form of stress in the workplace. It’s a significant challenge for organisations yet 59% are not doing anything to tackle financial wellbeing1. We know happy employees create happier workplaces which in turn has positive effects on business growth.

Money Zingers is inspired by US Social Scientist Harold Pollack’s claim that all you need to know about money can fit on an index card.  Unfortunately many people still grow up in an environment where they aren’t taught about the value of money. How many employees actually understand their payslip? What their tax code means? Or how their bonus or pension is calculated?

As experts in financial education, Landscape reinterpreted Pollack’s tips and have used a contemporary style and language to attract a new generation of employees desperate for support. The opportunity is for communicators to empower employees, build confidence and put their welfare at the heart of the business strategy.

Keep an eye out for the other animations in the series. And please drop us a line with any feedback!

1.  (Source: Reward – Wellbeing in the Workplace 2018)

Support us supporting Action for Children

There are some 83,000 young people who are homeless in the UK every year through no fault of their own. Family breakdown, mental health issues and abuse in the home are just a few of the causes which lead to many young people becoming homeless.

Action for Children is one of the UK’s leading children’s charities and have been supporting disadvantaged children for almost 150 years. Byte Night is one of its major events where people sleep rough for one night to raise awareness of the challenges young people face, and raise vital funds. One in four homeless young people (27%) have been diagnosed with mental health problems.

This year it’s being held on October 5th and Johnathon and Ryan will be sleeping on the streets of London. This cause means a lot to us so please support by making a donation on our JustGiving page. It’s really appreciated, but will mean so much more to those who do not have the luxury of a roof over their head. Just £5 would make a huge difference.

Contact Centre Campaign for Equatex

We’re proud to have just completed a campaign for Equatex who are experts in managing compensation plans for global businesses. It helps businesses recruit, engage and retain people by managing successful incentive schemes.

We helped Equatex with the launch of the new and improved contact centre, positioning it as a core service offering and a major engagement channel for the business. It fields more than 20,000 calls from clients’ employees every month and over the last year, they have invested significantly in new state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure for the contact centre. They now provide the best customer support available for their sector.

We helped them create a multi-channel campaign strategy with a new proposition, key messaging and campaign assets that has been implemented across much of Equatex’s new marketing collateral. Their brand is very illustrative and that feeds into one of our loves – a great partnership!

Welcome to Landscape Steph

Introducing… Steph, our new designer at Landscape!

Steph has recently joined the Landscape design team, having worked both as a full-time and a freelance designer on brands such as Burberry, Mothercare and Red Bull Media. After studying Illustration at university, she actually began her career working within the film & television industry, whilst at the same time achieving a graphic design masters degree. From here she has worked both in-house and agency side gaining experience in branding, packaging and advertising.

We have already given her an introduction to the social scene at Landscape, opting for the somewhat unusual evening activity of Curling. With the help of a few Jagermeisters we curled some ‘stones’, smashed some table tennis balls and got defeated by some giant Jenga.

Steph has already been working on a variety of different projects for us already, including the Bank of England, Civica and PQM, and she is looking forward to lots more to come here at Landscape.

Landscape at PLSA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017

We had fun and games with the Pension Quality Mark in November. With our friends from PQM we invited conference attendees to fly over Paris like an eagle or find out more about the Good Communications Guide.

As you can imagine, after attending sessions most people were keen to have some virtual time out and chose to play with our virtual reality games – with no pensions content whatsoever.

You can hear more about the site from Matthew Doyle, Managing Director of Pension Quality Mark, here and we were really pleased to see Gregg McClymont, Chair of PQM who’s passionate about pensions and savings engagement. You can hear Greg’s support here.

The guide brings together ideas and approaches to help improve pension communications – there’s something here for you whether you are an employer, trustee or pension provider.







Landscape at Employee Benefits Live 2017

At Landscape, we love making the complex simple for your employees. That is what we did at stand 520 at Olympia London on 10 and 11 October.

We hope you enjoyed our ‘Keep Talking’ challenge! We at Landscape had lots of fun meeting you and having the chance to play a spot of table tennis at the same time.




Multi-coloured balls were pelting around the room with a few of you even coming back for a rematch. At times it got more competitive than it probably should have! Doug from The British Heart Foundation had a rally of 45 with all 5 blocks – that’s not to mention games against The Stig and at one point, an astronaut!



But we weren’t only there for ping-ping. We were also there to help you find out how to:

  • increase motivation
  • attract and retain talent
  • drive behaviours, and
  • improve performance

With all of the commotion and chatting we didn’t get much of a chance to show you some of our campaigns or digital tools – so whether you want to engage your employees in a new strategy, get them excited about reward and benefits or create an emotional connection with your employer brand have a look at our website and drop us a line at so we can send you all the information that you need.

Whether it’s an immediate tactical need, or a more strategic discussion for the long-term, we are sure we could bring something new to the table.


Landscape. Making the complex simple for your employees.

Promoting Cystic Fibrosis Week

At Landscape, we believe every voice matters; we listen and learn, challenge and encourage, making a positive impact on the lives of people who read or engage in the communications we create.

That’s why we jumped at the chance to work with Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Once we heard their stories and understood more about their fight for ‘a life unlimited’, we wanted to help.

CF is a genetic condition affecting more than 10,000 people in the UK. The gene affected by CF controls the movement of salt and water in and out of cells. People with cystic fibrosis experience a build-up of thick, sticky mucus in the lungs, digestive system and other organs, causing a wide range of challenging symptoms affecting the entire body. The condition makes it difficult for people to breathe and causes susceptibility to infections.

June is an important month for CF trust. It’s the launch of their summer of fundraising for their community of supporters. So how did we help? Creativity is at our core and supporting CF with their campaign meant we could work on developing a series of characters to bring this year’s efforts to life in a straightforward and fun way.

We created a series of mascots that could then be used across all the collateral, including:

– A new downloadable fundraising pack – to help supporters get raising money quickly and easily

– A direct mail call to action pack – covering everything needed to run a fundraising event

– An interactive timeline to tell the CF story and raise awareness of the great work already done and the future challenges and priorities

– 101 Fundraising Ideas – a fun list of fundraising possibilities

– Posters and website banners

– Logos and doodles

We also got social ourselves – did you see our #yelfie pictures on Twitter and Instagram? Or maybe you downloaded the Facebook photo editor widget?

Like you, we want to achieve the best for everyone. If you want to help CF too, take a look at their website at

Summer in the Studio

Footloose and fan-free – Summer in the Landscape Studio is proving to be a scorcher, with great creative hot off the press and hot creatives looking “great” in shorts, vests, and lobster-like complexions.

Our current lack of air-con has proven a great tool in getting some of the team out of their seats and onto the streets! In late May, our Client Services Director, Johnathon, “rewarded” himself with a trip to Barcelona for the Rewards & Benefits Summit and on the 20th June, not only did we exhibit at the Internal Communications Conference in Mayfair, but our Creative Director, Ryan, presented on the importance of storytelling in employee communications. (You can see it for yourself here!)

Those in the team who haven’t been enjoying the jetsetting lifestyle and sunning themselves in Spain, have instead been enjoying working on some great, and meaningful, campaigns and projects.

Earlier in the year, we were honoured to be chosen as the agency partner of The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, for which we helped them devise a campaign around a Summer of Fundraising and Wearing Yellow (their brand colour), to help drive donations and engagement with their many supporters. It’s a great cause that’s worthy of support, and has made many strides forward in recent years (as you can see here, in the Interactive Timeline we designed for them.)

Moving away from yellow and into the green of cold, hard cash, our minds and hearts have still been focussed on pensions, savings and how we can improve financial education across the country. Our partnership with Pension Quality Mark has involved lots of out-the-box thinking and the odd bit of whacky illustration, but the really revolutionary stuff is still to come. Watch this space!

The siren song of The Miller is calling though, so it’s adios for now, and we hope to see you soon, fellow sunseekers!


Storytelling for Internal Communications

Did you see us at the Internal Communication Event on 20 June? If you were there – it was fantastic to see you and thank you for coming. Whether you were there or not, here’s a reminder of our story, or if you missed us, you can click here for more information.

The event was a great way to learn more about engaging employees, boosting the impact of Internal Communications strategies and find out more about the latest tools and how to support leaders.

Our presentation, one of the 33 during the day, was about story-telling which is one of the techniques we like to use to help our clients engage their employees.

Our passion is to create award-winning internal communications to help organisations get their message across, in the simplest way they can. Story-telling is a compelling way to communicate your message, whether it’s about financial education, business strategy or change. The real key is to make the audience the hero, addressing their needs and issues first.

We’ve used storytelling in projects for everybody from Cystic Fibrosis Trust to Barclays, and it’s a proven mechanism to help us focus on messaging, pace and structure.

If knowing where to start is holding you back we can help you every step of the way.

You can download the presentation from this following link:

We’re telling stories at the Internal Communication event on 20 June

Are you going to the Internal Communication event on 20 June?

Hopefully, you’ll come and see us there.

Story-telling is one of the eight techniques we use to maximise engagement which is why we’re there talking about it.  We love making the complex simple and changing behaviours are our passions. We love the challenge of designing tools that inspire employees to take action.

We can help you win hearts and minds by helping employees:

1 Make the most of your employment offer

2 Learn and grow while they’re with you

3 Understand what’s important to your business.

If you need to engage your employees in your new strategy, get them excited about pensions or create an emotional connection with your employer brand, we’re the people to talk to.

Creativity is at our core and we apply it to content, data and technology to deliver award-winning employee communications. The eight techniques we use to engage your people:

  1. Creativity – branding and design expertise.
  2. Storytelling – using plain English, avoiding jargon and story-telling.
  3. Gamification – creating emotional connections.
  4. Behavioural science – shifting people to new behaviours.
  5. Learning styles – engaging people through their learning preference.
  6. Consumer grade – creating an experience which meets the demands of mobile, busy individuals.
  7. Profiling – using self-segmentation and profiling to target the individual.
  8. Change management – applying its principles and approaches.

Come to our stand and say Hi, and remember, our creative director, Ryan Sales, will be there doing a talk at 12:35!

See you all there!

Springtime in the Studio

Spring is well and truly here for the team at Landscape. As I type, the sound of keyboard tapping and designers scribbling beautiful ‘scamps’ can be heard above the sound of birdsong. We’re thankful for the birds outside our Bermondsey office, happily chirping away in the community garden, keeping us going.

Over the last few months, we’ve finished off the design and production of a series of annual reports for one of our long-standing pharma clients. That might not sound too much but creativity is our thing, so making sure that over 300 pages of artwork, in four brochures, are beautiful and easy to read takes a lot of expertise and bucket loads of patience. Thankfully our designer Claire fits the bill perfectly.

On the other side of the office, some of us are focusing on pensions. Yes, you heard that right. I know we don’t often use the ‘p’ word, but it is now top of our agenda because we are working with the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA). Just before Christmas Johnathon and Nicola hotfooted it over London Bridge to present some ideas on the challenges of communicating pensions. We are over the moon that we were chosen to be their communication partner for the Pension Quality Mark. We’re busy doing research on good (and bad) pension communication and we’ll be publishing our findings later this summer.

The start of 2017 seems a long time ago now – but we’re pleased to say our resolution to ‘get out there more’ remains intact. We made a promise to make time for conferences. We don’t know about you, but the diary always looks clear when you book these things in advance – but it doesn’t always feel that way on the day. Nevertheless, in March we heard from David Rowan, the editor of Wired Magazine, who shared with us his thoughts on the future of the digital world. Sticking with digital we’re off to The Internal Communications Conference on 20 June. If you are going do let us know, it would be great to see you and say hello, again.

Right, back to the tasks at hand. The best and the worst things about Easter depend on your viewpoint. Either way, there are two short working weeks and lots of chocolate. (Please see our very tasty chocolate review). Hope you enjoy your time out of the office this spring and we look forward to seeing you soon.