We are engagement experts who
change behaviour through the
development of creative and effective
communication solutions


Our Approach

Our approach is based on certainties. We plan the project journey and we measure its progress.
Nothing starts until we understand your landscape and we’re clear about your objectives.


Shaping your Landscape

Reaching people with your message is one thing. Influencing their attitudes, inspiring their loyalty and changing their behaviour is quite another. Yet that is what we do at Landscape. We create compelling communication programmes that give you a sustainable edge because they’re built on a profound understanding of your landscape – your business realities and commercial goals.


Insight and Understanding

We believe true engagement is only possible when you live alongside a client in their landscape. Only by understanding the everyday contours that shape their world – their audience motivations, business realities and stakeholder agendas – is it possible to design and deliver truly effective communications. At Landscape, we realise small misjudgments can have large consequences so we map our clients’ worlds in minute detail, and then find them a path that delivers the results they need.


Planning and Strategy

Engagement is about behavourial change as well as messaging. Our strategic planning therefore spans both. By segmenting a proposition for your different audiences, we’ll help you say the right things, to the right people at the right time. What’s more, we’ll also map the behavioural journey that we’ll lead your audiences through, from awareness and desire, through knowledge to reinforcement. All of which means you’ll be able to trace the business impact of your messaging at every step of the way.


Design and Delivery

Insight and analysis have taken us to this point. Now it’s inspiration and creativity’s turn. With a clear understanding of the landscape, we’ll devise a compelling campaign theme that reflects your audience’s motivational triggers. Then we’ll draw on our award-winning creativity, content generation and copywriting expertise to make sure these messages leave an indelible impression, whether that’s through film, digital, campaigns, or apps.


Measurement and Review

Beautifully crafted creative solutions are never an end in itself here. We measure our success the way you measure yours. So if your priority is brand awareness we’ll use quantitative techniques to measure recall. If your focus is supporting organizational change, we’ll review how the communication has altered behaviour. This isn’t a static process. Instead, we’ll put in place a continual cycle of review and improvement, which will optimize your results and ensure our solutions keep evolving.


People as well as processes make the difference to projects.